Milk frothing is one of the most essential parts in making latte art while depending on what type of milk frothers is being used. In comparison to handheld milk frothers also known as frothing wands, electric milk frothers are much more satisfactory.

The foam produced which has two significant phases introducing air by having steam near the top of the milk and combining air with the milk, is being controlled during the steaming process of the milk . This will create the perfect froth texture.

Moreover, many electric milk frothers come with a heat conductor that warms up cold milk. However, the trick is not to overheat the milk while frothing as it will destroy the lactase enzyme in it and causing the foam not to last long.

With minimum effort and maximum efficiency, electric milk frothers are generally better than handheld milk frothers especially with the additional option to heat up the milk. Ideally, milk froth should have a shiny surface, slightly thick and little bubbles which can be assured when using an electric milk frother.


Top 8 Rated Electric Milk Frother Comparison Table

Name of Products Type of material Type of milkInterior CleaningType of container Frothing Capacity Heating CapacitySettingsPrice
Chef's Star MF-2 Premier (New Version)stainless steelalleasycarafesmallsmalleasy$
Cuisinart FR-10 Tazzaccino BPA freealleasytanksmallsmalleasy$$
Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe stainless steelalleasyjugbigbigmoderate$$$
Secura Automatic Electric stainless steelfull cream/skimmedmoderatecarafemediummediumeasy$
Nespresso 3694-US-BK Aeroccino3 ceramicalleasytanksmallmediumeasy$$
Capresso 206.05 Froth TEC glassskimmed/0.1%easyjugbigbigeasy$$
Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother stainless steelallmoderatecarafesmallsmalleasy$
Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother stainless steelorganic moderatecarafesmallsmalleasy$

If you are purchasing an electric milk frother, consider several important factors depending on your preference. If you like thick or airy froth density, voltage consumption of this electrical appliance at home, heat capacity and even the price.

Type of material

The main principle of an electric milk frother is to withstand heat and durability. Although many brands have produced various exterior designs, stainless steel and glass have proven to be the best material for electric milk frothers. They both look more expensive compared to BPA free milk frothers however stainless steel are prone damages and glass pitchers can shatter easily.

Type of milk

Each electric milk frother is subjected to work in its own ways to produce luscious froth based on the type of milk you use. Ideally, organic full cream milk would be every barista’s first option to produce a great cup of coffee.

However, coconut or almond milk, soy milk, skim milk or fat-free milk all can create froth. The only difference between full cream and these options are the texture and density of froth produced. Some can only produce very little froth with bubble even though the milk froths for more than a minute. Another link to the type of milk you use is the temperature of the milk. It is always best to use fresh cold milk right from the refrigerator that is around 2-6 degrees for maximum froth results.

Interior Cleaning

The major role in keeping a milk frother at home is to always ensure the carafe is spotless. We all want rich thick foam in coffee and this is what needs to be done in order to get that results.

Cleaning the interior linings of the carafe will guarantee less burn milk stain and a longer life span for your electric milk frother.

Frothing & heating capacity

One of the most important factors when deciding on which milk frother to get! It really depends on how much coffee you drink each serving or how many people are frothing milk for.

Most frothers have a fixed capacity ranging from 100-200 ml while the heating capacity is usually double that. However, certain brands have exceptionally designed jugs and jugs that can froth way more milk at one go.

If you prefer a compact sized electric milk frother, then you can always choose to go few rounds on to froth.


Most electric milk frothers come with a detailed manual to show you how to set up the machine. This is important especially for first time milk frother users.

In general, electric milk frothers are rather uncomplicated to use with just a few simple steps and buttons to press.


Chef’s Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother (New Version)

If you want fluffy frothy milk to create a delicious cup of coffee at home then the Chef’s Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother would definitely be a great choice. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have that perfectly frothed milk in about 80 seconds. Yes, it’s super quick and effective.

Not to mention, with the automatic switch function that allows you to choose from hot airy foam, hot dense foam, hot milk, or cold milk frothing. The correct way of using this machine is to fill the milk between the minimum and maximum lines, place it on the base and turn it on. This is will ensure that there won’t be any overflow of milk once the frothing is done. The level indicators can be seen inside to show if you have it correctly done.

With a frothing capacity of 4.25 oz (125 ml), it could only serve up to 2 cups max but preferably meant just for one serving. So if you’re planning to froth milk for many people then you would have to do a few rounds of milk frothing. It even makes excellent froth for almond or coconut milk.                                

Furthermore, each unit also comes with a vacuum insulation that helps to maintain an optimum temperature of the milk once frothed. This milk frother does not overheat the milk which will guarantee you’re warm creamy coffee in the morning. The heating capacity is 8.5oz (250ml), that’s double compared to the frothing capacity. If you just want to warm up the milk without frothing it, it could easily be done with just one click.

The Chef’s Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother has 2 small whisks; one for frothing milk placed inside the unit and one for heating that is placed on the default configuration outside. The interior coat of this frother is non-stick which ensures easy cleaning after usage. A quick trick to maintain the product quality is to pour some water for it to soak if you’re planning to use it more than once within a short period of time.

The exterior of this unit includes durable stainless steel and the round plastic cover that gives an elegant design. Moreover, the jug is can be detached conveniently from the base for easy pouring after frothing the milk. The unit works with 110 V, optimal electrical usage for a good milk frother. Do note that this product comes with a limited 2 year warranty and great customer service if there is a problem if the unit you have received.

Overall, it froths milk better than many espresso machines.


Cuisinart FR-10 Tazzaccino Milk Frother                                                                                                                          

A handy milk frother that functions well for both hot and cold milk. This Cuisinart milk frother only comes in shiny black color. The features of this machine are quite impressive as it comes with 2 different wands; Milk Frothing Whisk and Milk Warming Stirrer that are magnetic. The magnetic serves as a purpose to stick on the lid and base easily while frothing or heating the milk.

The lid comes with a protective seal to help eliminate leaks during frothing and its double-walled housing which doesn’t heat up when you touch it after frothing is done. In addition to that, a frothing spoon and a recipe book comes along with each unit for future assistance.

Note that all the parts are easy to assemble with the manual provided for extra guidance. One small issue with this milk frother is that there is no storage slot for extra parts. So, Cuisinart could improve customer satisfaction by finding a way to store extra parts on the device itself.

The 2 buttons with LED lights on the outside serve different functions; blue for frothing milk only and the red for frothing and heating milk. Moreover, it shuts automatically once the job is done with minimal noise during milk frothing.

It produces meringue quality froth from non-fat to full cream milk, even almond or soy milk less than 2 minutes! The heating element inside is of high quality that helps to rise up the milk temperature perfectly.

The non-stick tank is great for cleaning, just rinse with soap under running water and use a soft cloth to avoid damaging the coat. However, it’s best to wait for the tank to cool off before cleaning.

Plus, the whole unit has a solid build weighing only 1.5 pounds; it’s compact, portable and a space saver. The Cuisinart FR-10 Tazzaccino Milk Frother parts are all BPA (bis-phenol A) free.

One downfall of this electric milk frother is that it has the tendency to stop whipping occasionally after a long time of usage but a limited 3 year warranty is given to ensure product replacement if there was anything spoiled.

Besides that, this product produces professional-style foam for all types of coffee.


Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother                                                                                                                                                           

If you’re looking for a show stopper electric milk frother, then this is the product. From the stylish appearance to its complex functions, the Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother says it all. This 500W powered kitchen gadget creates creamy luscious froth that can last up to 20 minutes.

With the ability to adjust the temperature up to 160 degrees and foam density that you prefer, it’s worth every penny. Adding to that, the circular dial on the front of the base comes with LED indicator which illuminated when the power is on or frothing process is activated. This electric milk frother no doubt produces very minimal sound during frothing process compared to an espresso machine.

For easy pouring of milk, the Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother is shaped like a jug spout which gives a consistent smooth froth flow. Moreover, it allows frothing milk for up to 3 servings. Much more capacity compared to other electric milk frother. Furthermore, the stainless steel housing and induction heating around the jug functions as a safety feature to ensure the external parts of the frother doesn’t get hot.

The built-in magnetic induction base does increase product quality by ensuring the froth disc stays in place during frothing cycle. Also, the top lid serves as a measuring cup if you want to add additional ingredients like grated chocolate. However, adding extra ingredients tends to affect the froth density.

The essential parts of this electric milk frother are the frothing discs; one for cappuccino and another for latte. However, there is no limitation to the drink choices for you to make. You could make chai latte, mocha or even the famous hot chocolate and many more that are shown inside the manual book. Keep in mind that the frothing disc could get occasionally loose when not properly magnetized to the bottom. If you hear a click sound after inserting the disc to the bottom, then it is correctly placed.

For the cleaning process it is pretty simple as the interior is steel except for plastic frother at the bottom and they are all dishwasher safe. It is highly recommended to rinse the jug after each use to avoid old milk stains accumulating.

Do note that the manual can be really useful for first time electric milk frother users especially when it has such precision settings like this model by Breville. All in all, the Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother is such a versatile electric milk frother and will definitely put a smile on your face.   


Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer                                       

With a simple yet stylish look, the Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer definitely does the job. The high quality material used by the Secura manufactures to create the non-stick interior wall makes the frothing operation faster compared to handheld milk frothers. Although it’s able to warm up milk for 250 ml, the frothing capacity is half of that.

Besides that, it has a stainless steel exterior and the vacuum insulation functions as a way to      prevent heat loss through convection. However, this milk frother is somewhat louder than other milk frothers.

With only 120 V, this milk frother produces warm thick froth for both cold and hot drinks. If you are making cold drinks without heat, the froth density would still be thick. Moreover, it comes with 2 interchangeable frothing and heating elements. A bonus for this milk frother is that you can store the other element which is not in use on the inside of the lid while using the machine.

Furthermore, Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother comes with a free cleaning brush which is very handy after frothing. Do note, there will be a small layer of burnt milk on the bottom which is completely normal. So, you can clean it with ease using the cleaning brush provided.

It is pretty straight forward and easy to use with a few simple steps. It only has one button which serves as the ON/OFF button. For cold drinks, press it for 3 seconds while for frothing and heating milk, press it once and release immediately. Just like other milk frothers, Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother has a minimum and maximum level indicator on the interior.

Adding to that, the max level is only for milk warmer and the 2nd maximum level is for frothing. Note that this product should not be ON without any milk below the minimum indicator.

Other special feature that comes along with it is the handle at the side of the frother which allows you to hold comfortably and remove it from the detachable base when pouring the frothed milk out. Secura has many kitchen appliances that are compact and light, and this milk frother is one of them; weighing only 2.4 pounds. It’s definitely a space saver. Moreover, it comes with a 2 year warranty after date of purchase. Any form of defects on the product can be sent for repair within those 2 years.

Nespresso 3694-US-BK Aeroccino3 Milk Frother                                                                                            

The latest model in the Aeroccino line comes with new and improved design. It only comes in the classy black color on the exterior to go along with any kitchen decor. The Aeroccino plus which was the previous model had lesser special features. However, now Aeroccino3 is more compact and a space saver electrical appliance.

A few of the major difference between these 2 models are the new ceramic coating and the resistance against abrasion which prevents milk to stick on its surface. Furthermore, the Aeroccino3’s comes with a detachable base that has a power switch and a storage slot.

The 2 whisk disc provided are specialized to your preference depending on the amount of froth you desire on your coffee; one for regular light froth and the other for heavy thick froth. Both these whisk are easy to handle and can be conveniently placed inside the frother which will not come out during frothing.

The frothing capacity for this model is only 120 ml; thus it only will only froth milk for 1 serving. However you can fill up to 250 ml for just warming up milk. The waterproof jug has a unique interior feature which has marked maximum filled lines that matches to the whisk you choose. Although the jug is waterproof it is still not dishwasher safe. Best to just rinse the jug under running water after each use.

It is similar to other electric milk frother that operates on cold and warm milk. However to get the ideal froth texture using the Aeroccino3, cold whole or skimmed milk under 2-6 degrees is most suitable. Frothing process usually takes about 70 seconds but it could still sometimes take longer for warming up cold milk. Take note that frothing time can be affected by the number of preparations in a row and the cleanliness of the jug.

The simple operation of the Nespresso 3694-US-BK Aeroccino3 Milk Frother has 2 basic functions, one frothing cold milk and the other for frothing with warmer. However, for frothing cold milk only, just hold the button for 2 seconds until the blue light illuminates. To ensure it functions properly, always check if the red or blue is present once the frother is on.

Another great feature about Aeroccino3 is that it runs on energy saving mode. This helps with reducing electricity consumption in the household. Not to mention noiseless while frothing milk! Adding to that, the automatic system with ultra-simple steps to froth milk requires minimal supervision.



Capresso 206.05 Froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother                                       

Made from German Schott Duran glass milk pitcher and a stainless steel finish, it definitely competes with the Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother. Specializes in milk frothing from any kind of hot drinks to cold frothy milk. With just 3 basic buttons to choose from; cold, warm and hot, you’ll be sipping on coffee goodness all day long.  The dual automatic shut off system creates a safe milk frothing operation.

The glass pitcher can be easily removed from its base and the frothing disc which is placed inside it runs on magnetic motor that is produced by the base. The exterior of the Capresso 206.05 Froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother is well finished. Not to mention, the storage drawer provider at the bottom to keep the disc that are not in use. Its glass pitcher has a large frothing and heating capacity of 10 oz and 16 oz respectively. Great for big family usage or for a party.

This milk frother model comes along with a new patented froth enhancer that is used for placing either the frothing or heating disc in. Simply stick the enhancer into the bottom of the pitcher. This enhancer helps well to power the frother during the frothing process.

Moreover, the heating disc is different in a sense that it does not cause scalding while warming up the milk. The average milk frothing time is about 2 minutes depending on the amount milk used.

Do note that the glass pitcher tends to get very warm when using the hot setting, so it’s best to place it on heat resistance surface after frothing is completed. Normally, the frothed milk would be around 160 degrees. However, you could always reduce the temperature by placing it under warm setting.

Skimmed milk or thinner milk like 1% milk gives out the best results which creates more froth. Other than that, almond milk and full cream milk takes rather longer to froth. However, the cleanliness of the pitcher can affect the results of the next milk batch. Because it is dishwasher safe, best to clean it thoroughly to avoid any milk residue left.

After a long period of usage, there might be a certain noise produced while milk is frothing and the milk frother will tend to lose its consistency. The froth produced tends to decrease over time and the milk temperature might vary from time to time.

All in all, it is an excellent milk frother that produces Starbucks-quality froth.

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe                               

Another budget friendly milk frother will be this machine by Epica. Designed to make both hot and cold froth; it produces rich foamy froth. Epica’s Automatic Electric Milk Frother mainly specializes in making cappuccino froth. Hence, if you were to make a latte or hot chocolate, the froth density would have the same consistency as the cappuccino froth.

However, the froth texture also depends on which type of milk you are using. For an example, fat free or 1% milk produce lesser froth to your produce while whole milk or full cream creates incredibly thick froth. Even though the froth produced is thick at first, it does not tend to last long. So, it is always better to prep your coffee first in hand. You could even experiment with coconut milk or almond milk as it may or may not produce froth.

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother requires high maintenance to ensure long lasting luscious foam for your coffee. The key is to always use cold milk right from the refrigerator. This is to help avoid a stain of burnt milk at the bottom after frothing is completed. Although it could occasionally happen, it is also very easy to get rid of with a small cleaning brush. Not to worry about this affecting the taste of the new batch of frothy milk.

When it comes to cleaning to Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother, never submerge under water or put into the dishwasher as may damage the bottom of the carafe hence affecting the frothing process.

This model is actually similar to the Chef’s Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother and Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother in terms of exterior design and its basic function. Its stainless steel with vacuum insulation (like in thermos flask) helps to prevent heat loss once the milk warmer has done its job.

Do take note that the temperature of frothed milk may vary from time to time which really all depends on how well you maintain the product. There’s 2 distinct buttons on the outside to choose from where one is for cold milk frothing and the other for hot milk frothing. There’s also a minimum and maximum marking inside the frother to indicate the froth and warmer capacity.

A unique feature about this milk frother is that it uses motorized whisk attachments rather than magnetic ones to produce its froth.

The carafe is portable and can be detached from the base itself for easy pouring. The frothing capacity is only 120ml which is pretty basic like other milk frothers as well. Perfect electric milk frother size for home usage.    

 Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother and Warmer                    

A well-equipped milk frother by Kuissential that produces barista quality frothed milk. Just 2 simple options to choose from; warm or cold froth with one push of a button. The universal button on the exterior of the carafe functions for both as the blue and red light flashes indicating which option you have chosen. If you press for 2 seconds or longer, the blue light illuminates indicating for cold froth only.

The Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother works best when using organic whole milk or full cream milk. This is because they have rich milk content and are much fresher than those preservative milks. However, if does not froth soy milk well and produces very little bubbles. Keep in mind that the temperature for the milk warmer is fixed with no adjustments. Hence, if you prefer to have your coffee steaming hot, then this milk frother won’t quite satisfy that preference.

The non-stick lining on the interior avoids milks particles from attaching to it during frothing. The best way to clean the carafe is to use a non-scouring sponge to prevent damaging the non-stick coat. It’s safe to say that it has a very delicate interior.

This milk frother by Kuissential requires some maintaining work if you want consistent froth density for all your cups of coffee. It may leave burn milk stain at the bottom occasionally but cleaning it after every use will be the best thing to do.

Although it may be difficult to identify the max fill line for hot froth, the black coating of this lining makes it convenient to see when you are about to fully submerge it in the milk. As long as only 115ml or less milk is filled inside, there’s no need to worry about overflowing.

This electric milk frother only requires 110 voltages; however it has a rather small frothing capacity compared to other milk frothers. Furthermore, a heavy duty cord comes with the detachable base for an easy fix in the kitchen counter top. Furthermore, the lid is air tight sealed and has also a slot to fit in extra attachments, thus operating in maximum silence. Moreover, the frothing cycles takes less than 80 seconds. Quick and effortless!

Whole unit is small and compact yet suitable in any kitchen decor. Do note that this electric milk frother is on the less expensive end, so may be prone to a short life span. However, if there is any malfunction or defects with your unit, you could always request for a replacement.


An electric milk frother is a must have gadget in every coffee lover’s home to complete your morning brew. In my personal preference, I would highly recommend the Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother since it produces high quality froth in big quantity. I am confident that at least one of these milk frothers has met your expectations and fulfilled most of your criteria. All of the electric milk frothers stated above have shown great quality and sturdy build in equipment.