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Month: April 2018

Coffee Commodity In The World Market

Coffee is grown and harvested in over 50 countries including United States, Mexico, Indonesia, Yemen and the list goes on from there. There are various aspects to look into when we are looking at coffee production from all over the world. The coffee cherry species, conditions of the soil, weather, accurate altitudes of where coffee is growing and amount of rainfall, all affects the quality of the final product. All these elements combined with how coffee cherries are processed contribute to the uniqueness of how each coffee tastes from different country. Coffee has become a vital commodity to not...

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Health Talk: Is Coffee Really Good For You?

Each coffee bean is formulated with over 300 natural compounds even before roasting them. Organic compounds such as Carbohydrates, Amino acids (also known as primary structure of protein), Fibre, Pectin, Minerals, Antioxidants, Caffeine and others are what’s in every tiny coffee bean. These unique blends usually double during the roasting process as chemical reactions occur to form nearly over a 1000 compounds. There’s no denying that coffee has been around way longer than most of us have and over time has built a reputation for causing many illness, from human development defects like stunting your growth to major issues...

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The Revolution of Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, passionate to learn about the insights of coffee or just generally curious about coffee, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at CoffeeStandards, we give you exclusive information about everything there is that you need to know about coffee. From the basics to the complexity of coffee, we got you covered right here. Coffee can be healthy if you consume the right amount which can help to improve your lifestyle. Firstly, coffee can actually help to increase happiness. The science behind that is the increase in dopamine levels in your bloodstream, hence a...

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